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Meet Brady!


At only 1 year of age, Brady has had a rought start to life. Brady was part of a 30 Aussie Hoarding Situation that NTASR was alerted to by one of our Rescue Partners in North Texas. When Brady came into rescue he was terrified of people to the point he didn't want to be touched at all. He also had a massive open wound on the back of his head likely caused by being hit with a blunt object by someone. Thank goodness for foster families that dedicate themselves to helping these pups over come their past.


Brady may initially be reserved around new faces, but once he opens up, he'll become your steadfast companion and faithful sidekick. Despite his imposing size as a full-sized Australian Shepherd, Brady's personality is that of a gentle giant, brimming with sweetness.


Brady is a 1 yr old Standard Australian Shepherd, current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, neutered, and microchipped.


Highly intelligent and fully potty-trained, Brady has quickly adapted to crate training. However, his past lack of socialization means he can be skittish around loud noises and unfamiliar people. With patience and encouragement, he's steadily gaining confidence in new situations, learning to trust and embrace new experiences.


Brady takes commands seriously and aims to please, readily responding to cues to go to his crate or settle on his bed. While he's still mastering the art of sitting, he's already showing progress in patiently waiting for outdoor adventures.


Although Brady tends to be shy around men initially, with time and interaction, he can build trust and form bonds. He hasn't had exposure to children or cats but thrives in the company of other dogs, enjoying both companionship and solo time with his foster parents. Whether lounging at home or joining you in your home office, Brady adapts well and is learning to be patient when left alone, even embracing crate sleeping routines.


While he enjoys leisurely walks and stays close on a leash, Brady's true joy lies in staying by your side, displaying his innate herding instincts. It's important to note that Brady has epilepsy and requires consistent medication to manage his seizures. Though he may be a tad stubborn when it comes to taking his pills, he readily accepts them when hidden in his meals or paired with high-value treats. 


If you're ready to welcome a loyal companion into your life, Brady is eager to be by your side, offering unwavering loyalty and love. Apply today to welcome this precious furry friend into your home!




  • Good With Dogs:


  • Special Needs:

    Epilepsy (Medication Controlled)

  • Breed:

    Australian Shepherd

  • Good With Cats:


  • Weight:

    36 lbs

  • Good With Kids:


  • Age:

    1 Year

  • Gender:


  • Status:


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