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This owner surrender was rather heart breaking. Dustys family is a military family and they are being restationed to Germany. There were many many tears, hugs, and snuggles leading up to this surrender. Dusty was a member of their family but their new living arrangements in Germany were not very dog friendly and Dusty wouldnt do well on a flight over seas in cargo so he found a safe place with NTASR.

Dusty just turned a year old. He is a gorgeous 55 lb pure bred red merle with the biggest and fluffiest tail I’ve ever seen. Dusty stresses out easily and needs a lot of patience and decompression. He has stranger danger that we are already overcoming. Dusty is such a lover and screams velcro dog. He is already attached to his fosters hip. Dusty has bad stranger danger and needs a calm, quiet, stress free home. He would prefer infrequent visitors. He gets along with other dogs but will not initiate play. 


  • Breed:

    Australian Shepherd

  • Gender:

    (Neutered) Male

  • Age:

    1 year

  • Weight:

    55 lbs

  • Good With Dogs:


  • Good With Kids:


  • Good With Cats:


  • Special Needs:


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