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Frank is a very calm, cuddle bug who will make a loyal companion. He has no problem with men, it’s just thunderstorms that terrify him. Frank is a black tri, about 22lbs and between 1-2 yrs old.


Frank gets along great with other dogs and is learning the ropes as far as playing with them but also loves all humans too. 


Frank came to us with a traumatic history. We believe he was dumped by his owner then attacked by some sort of animal. He took weeks to catch and by that time his wounds had festered and become dangerously infected. This poor little guy had over 50 staples and dozens of sutures. When the foster first took him into their care he could barely walk around the house. But as his strength grew he was able to increase his activity- he can easily go for 2 mile walks-and the foster family were amazed at how fast he can actually run! 


Frank loves his morning walks and has a jaunty little step. He is great on a leash but can sometimes turn into a Tasmanian devil if he doesn’t like the look of a passing dog but that happens infrequently.

He does not resource guard and happily eats his food next to other dogs without issue.

Frank is potty trained and crate trained although he prefers to sleep beside the bed if he has the choice.

The foster is working on basic commands and since he loves treats, he’s catching on quite quickly.

He’s great on car journeys and welcomes guests into the house with just the right amount of excitement.


Frank’s perfect day would consist of morning walks and a play session with other dogs or humans, treats, long naps, cuddle time and chew toy time.



  • Good With Dogs:


  • Breed:

    Mini Australian Shepherd

  • Good With Cats:


  • Weight:

    22  lbs

  • Good With Kids:


  • Age:

    1-2 years 

  • Gender:


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