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Harley comes to us as an owner surrender. He is a pure bred merle toy aussie. He is 11 months old and only 14 lbs. Harley is still a puppy and has many puppy tendencies and behaviors. He still chews on things he probably shouldn't and will bark and whine to get what he wants. Harley is 100% a velcro dog. He gets along with other dogs but prefers his people. He wants to go with you wherever you go and does not like to be left behind. This cute little boy has a lot of energy and would love a family that takes him on daily walks. He has a pretty good grasp on potty training but may have an accident here or there. He is working on crate training but he gets awfully loud when put in his crate, so he would prefer people who are home more often than not. Harley likes to be inside and only go outside for potty time and walks and then hes ready to run in and race you to the couch. He is so special and sweet and we can't wait for him to find his perfect family!


  • Breed:

    Toy Australian Shepherd

  • Gender:

    (Neutered) Male

  • Age:

    11 months

  • Weight:

    14 lbs

  • Good With Dogs:


  • Good With Kids:


  • Good With Cats:


  • Special Needs:


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