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Mr. Woofles
Mr. Woofles comes to us as an owner surrender. He is a pure bred cocker spaniel but he is a double merle. Mr. Woofles is very hard of hearing but can hear very high pitched noises and some super loud bangs. He also is vision impaired. He can see but his depth perception gets a little off and he will often run into things. He is wonderful with cats, dogs, but NO kids. He will need a very experienced dog owner. Mr. Woofles will need any and all stairs blocked off to prevent any falls. He will not be adopted to an apartment. He is still super young and learning all things puppy so he is still destrcutive and cries a lot, just like a newborn. We know he is cute but he is a lot of work so please be mindful of that before applying. He is currently having some food aggression towards dogs and other people intermittently, not all the time. We are working on it with him. His new owner will need to continue this training and boundary setting with him. 

Mr. Woofles

  • Breed:

    Cocker Spaniel

  • Gender:


  • Age:

    4 Months

  • Weight:

    12 lbs (current) 25 lbs (expected)

  • Good With Dogs:


  • Good With Kids:


  • Good With Cats:


  • Special Needs:

    Vision and hearing impaired

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