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Give a warm NTASR welcome to Persephone!


Persephone is one of 13 Amish Puppy Mill Puppies. 


Persephone is a gentle, timid soul who takes her time opening up to new people. She's reserved and doesn't seek extensive petting, preferring space and quiet interactions. However, her face lights up when she's around other dogs! Persephone finds immense joy in playtime with furry friends, displaying her playful and energetic side.


Persephone's excitement peaks during playtime with other dogs. She relishes in running, chasing, and engaging in canine games. While she might not actively seek cuddles, she is a social butterfly when it comes to canine companions. She also enjoys exploring the outdoors and taking leisurely strolls, taking in the world at her own pace.


Despite her reserved nature, Persephone yearns for love and patience. She requires gentle encouragement to build trust with humans. Consistency in training, positive reinforcement, and ample playtime with other dogs are essential for her emotional well-being.


Persephone would thrive in a patient and understanding home that respects her shy disposition. A household with another friendly dog would be ideal, offering plenty of opportunities for play and companionship. A calm environment with a structured routine and patient caregivers who honor her boundaries would help her flourish. Because of her timid nature we will require that children in the home be atleast 13+ years old and would prefer that there is another confident dog in the home to help her continue to blossom.


Persephone is a 5 month old Standard Australian Shepherd . Shes  is mostly potty trained and is crate trained sleeping throught the night without accidents. A  fenced yard is a must for our blue eyed girl. Persephone  is  spayed, microchipped, &  finished with age appropriate vaccinations .


If you think that you are the perfect family for this exuberent girl, get your application in NOW.


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  • Weight

    25 lbs

  • Age:

    5 Months

  • Breed:

    Australian Shepherd

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