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Scout Shadow

Introducing Scout, an adorable 7-month-old male Border Collie currently seeking his forever home. While he may be a bit shy at first, this sweet pup quickly warms up and forms strong bonds with his people.

Scout is a bundle of puppy energy and loves to play and explore. He enjoys engaging in interactive games and activities that challenge his intelligent mind. However, despite his playful nature, he also has a soft spot for cuddling and snuggling up with his favorite humans.

In his foster home, Scout has shown remarkable progress in overcoming his initial shyness. With patience and understanding, he has learned to trust and open up to new experiences. He thrives in a calm and loving environment where he feels safe and secure.

This young Border Collie would benefit from an active and dedicated adopter who can provide him with the mental and physical stimulation he craves. Regular exercise, such as daily walks or playtime in a securely fenced yard, will help channel his puppy energy in a positive way.

Scout is also a social butterfly with other dogs and enjoys their company. Having a confident and well-socialized canine companion in his new home would be a bonus for him.

Due to his initial shyness, loud noises and sudden movements can still be overwhelming for him, so a calm and patient household would help him continue to build his confidence.

If you're looking for a loyal and affectionate companion who will keep you on your toes with his playful antics but also melt your heart with his cuddles, Scout is the perfect match.

Scout Shadow

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  • Weight:

    45 lbs

  • Age:

    7 months

  • Breed:

    Border Collie