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Give a warm NTASR welcome to Sheila!


Sheila is one of 13 Amish Puppy Mill Puppies. 


Sheila is an absolute goofball! She's the comedy act in puppy form, often finding herself in adorable clumsy situations. Her floppy nature makes her a bit uncoordinated on her feet, and unlike her sister, she's still figuring out the couch-climbing game. Despite her antics, she's a love bug and adores being showered with pets and affection. With her playful, floppy movements, Sheila embodies the essence of a classic, carefree puppy. Her joyful spirit shines through her clumsy attempts to navigate her environment.


Sheila's heart is in playtime with other dogs! She's a social butterfly, reveling in romping around, chasing, and engaging in all sorts of canine antics. While she's figuring out the couch situation, she's more than happy to play on the floor or in the yard.


Sheila is not only a goofy, lovable pup but also remarkably good with babies. Her gentle and affectionate nature extends to even the littlest members of the household, making her an ideal furry friend in a family setting with infants or young children. Her patience and playful demeanor make her a wonderful companion for families with babies or toddlers.


This sweet blue eyed girl thrives on love and attention. She seeks human interaction, especially in the form of cuddles and playtime. She benefits from a consistent routine, positive reinforcement in training, and ample opportunities for socialization with other dogs to help her grow into a well-rounded companion.


Sheila is a 10 month old Standard Australian Shepherd . Sheila  is mostly potty trained and is crate trained sleeping throught the night without accidents. A  fenced yard is a must for our sweet girl. Sheila  is scheduled to be spayed later this month and will be microchipped &  finished with age appropriate vaccinations .


If you think that you are the perfect family for this exuberent girl, get your application in NOW.


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  • Weight:

    20 lbs

  • Age:

    10 Months

  • Breed:

    Australian Shepherd

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