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Sir Jarvis

Welcome Sir Jarvis to NTASR!

What a story Sir Jarvis has to tell about his becoming a Texan.

If you know our President, you know that she can't say no to an old working dog in need and the day she received information about Jarvis was no different.

Jarvis found himself in a shelter in Orange County, California. Yes, you read that right, California! While we can't be certain, we believe whole heartedly that Jarvis was not only abused, but neglected. In typical corgi fashion, Jarvis reacted out of fear and lack of control and bit someone in his home was not heading his warnings.

So as the story goes, our President tracked down the rescue coordinator and agreed to take him into NTASR knowing that she may very well be getting a disaster of a dog. Through email, phone calls, and Facebook chats, a plan was hatched to break Jarvis free from that shelter. We were able to secure transport and Jarvis was picked up on a Friday afternoon and began the multiple day trek to DFW where he arrived safely in the middle of a cold Sunday afternoon.

Upon arrival, our President was able to reach into the kennel and safely remove Jarvis. His eyes were crusty, his hair was covered in a thick oil and his skin was flakey due to the stress he had endured at the shelter. Even still, a kiss was promptly placed on his nose!

We've had Jarvis in our care for just shy of a month and this is what we have learned. At 8 years old, Jarvis is suffering from arthritis. He's overweight by about 5-8 lbs ,and LOVES to go for walks! Jarvis lives for a game of fetch or tug! He's very food & treat motivated... so much so that he'll spin in circles out of excitement for Crunchy O's!

Jarvis is looking for a Corgi or Working Breed Savvy Home to retire in. We would prefer that he have another dog in the home, No children, and a family that will help him continue to shed the pounds. Jarvis is house & kennel trained, playful, very loving and most of all deserving of a safe and loving home!

Due to his prior bite history, we are going to be very selective for this sweet guy.

Please give Jarvis a chance to show you just how awesome he really is!


Sir Jarvis

  • Special Needs:


  • Breed:


  • Good With Kids:


  • Good With Cats:


  • Weight:

    35 lbs

  • Gender:


  • Age:

    8 years

  • Good With Dogs:


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