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Update: Tank has slipped a disc in her cervical spine. She now has 3 spine issues. She will be on constant pain medication and we will be keeping her comfortable on hospice care until the pain meds stop working and she needs help to cross the rainbow bridge. Keep tanks fosters and vet team in your prayers.

Tankerbell or “Tank” has been a wonderful addition to NTASR. Tank has hemivertebrea, a common back issue in frenchies. In her last home, some large dogs fell on her and caused a pinched nerve. Double whammy for this girl!!! But she’s an absolute trooper and is in wonderful spirits. Tank will be on medications (muscle relaxer, anti inflammatory, and joint lubricant) for the rest of her life but it is very affordable. She has stretches that can be done to help keep her lose. She still has full function of all her limbs but sometimes gets a little stiff.

Tank is a huge wiggle butt who loves either laying with her people or in her bed. She really attaches to her owners and doesn’t like to be far away. Tank does well in her crate and because of her recent back injury, her foster parents have found that she is not a fan of peanut butter but will take her medicines willingly in some cheese. Tank is a loving but more cautious dog who would prefer if you approach her slowly. She does well with other dogs but she has been more recently limited with how hard she can play. She loves keeping you in sight but doesn’t always need to be picked up and smothered in love. Tank needs an owner who has either smaller dogs or none in the home. She would do great in a calmer home and with someone who will be willing to help her with her daily stretches. Someone who is home more often than not is preferred. No steps in the home and ramps are a must for furniture unless you plan to pick her up. We know Tank sounds like a medical mess, BUT her condition is super manageable and her personality makes up for it. She is incredibly easy going and a lover of all people. She is so deserving of a forever home.


  • Good With Dogs:


  • Breed:

    French Bulldog

  • Gender:


  • Weight:

    30 lbs

  • Good With Kids:


  • Good With Cats:


  • Age:

    4 years

  • Special Needs:

    Pinched nerve. Hemivertebrea. Short nose breed experience preferred

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