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Winnie Cooper

Winnie Cooper is such a joy! This pure bred mini dachshund is so excited to find her forever home. She is an energetic ball of fun with big floppy ears that feel like silk and toe beans that feel like velvet. She has marble eyes with both blue and brown in them. Winnie LOVES a good game of the zoomies and has a slight obsession with slippers (carrying them, not eating them). This long girl loves playing with other pups and would thrive with another small energetic dog in the home to keep her entertained and set a good example for a puppy still figuring the world out. She learns well from other dogs better than humans. Being a dachshund, this girl is STUBBORN, as all doxies are. She will need someone who will be very patient and consistent with her for some basic training. Winnie is not house broken and will still have some accidents inside but we are actively working on this. Her potty training will need to continue in her forever home. She is not treat motivated but she is eager to please and get praise from her people. Her favorite time of the day is belly rub time. She will roll over and let you rub her belly for as long as your hand will allow. Winnie is super affectionate and wants to be with her people all the time. She will need a family who will let her sleep in bed with them, right up on the pillows around your neck. Right now, Winnie has horrible separation anxiety and cannot be in a kennel, she will rub her nose raw and hurt herself trying to get out. We are hoping with time she will feel more comfortable being alone, but right now she will need someone who is home more often than not. Winnie is wonderful in the car and loves to go on adventures with her foster mom. She knows how to use dog stairs to get up on to the bed and couch. Dachshunds are super proned to back issues so we prefer a home with the stairs (to a second story) to be blocked off, or no stairs at all. No dogs over 50 lbs as Winnie is a small 6 lbs and at high risk for injury from another large dog trampling or stepping on her. Winnie is still a puppy and can get pretty nippy so kids 8+ only please! Secure fence is a MUST, this girl is low to the ground and will find the first chance to sneak out. We know there are a lot of qualifications for our sweet Winnie girl but it is all for the sake of a successful and happy future! If you think Winnie is the one for you, get your applications in now!

Winnie Cooper

  • Breed:

    Miniature Dachshund

  • Gender:


  • Age:

    8 Months

  • Weight:

    6 lbs

  • Good With Dogs:


  • Good With Kids:

    Yes 8+

  • Good With Cats:


  • Special Needs:


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