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Winnie Sue

Give a warm NTASR welcome to Winnie Sue!


Winnie is one of the smartest dogs her foster mom has ever met, and has picked up on training so quickly despite being deaf. 


This bundle of love is not shy in the slightest and loves to play with all sizes of dogs. She loves to cuddle and does great in a bed overnight. She does great with the cats in her foster home and is quickly learning to read their body language to know when they want some space, and when they will tolerate her cuddling up next to them.


Winnie eats in a crate and tolerates it long enough for meal times but will bark if left in one. She prefers to be able to see either another animal or a person, and is perfectly fine if that’s through a baby gate.


Winnie has discovered a love for playing fetch and is doing fantastic with leash training. She does great with older kids and takes direction and commands from them beautifully. She’s so intelligent that she has been an absolute blast to work with and train and would make a great addition to any family willing to put in a little extra work. 


Winnie Sue  is a 10 month old Standard Australian Shepherd . Winnie is completly potty trained and crate trained (although it's not her favorite).   A  fenced yard is a must for the bundle of love that is Winnie. Winnie Sue  is scheduled to be spayed later this month,  will be microchipped, &  finished with age appropriate vaccinations . 


If you think that you are the perfect family for this precious girl, get your application in NOW.



Winnie is a Double Merle Australian Shepherd.  


A double merle is created when two merle dogs are bred together. It doesn’t matter what color merle or what breed they are. If two merle dogs are bred together, each puppy in the litter has a 25% chance of being born a double merle. A double merle inherits the merle gene twice. One copy of the merle gene causes a marbling effect on the coat and creates lighter spots throughout the solid color coat.


In a double merle, the marbling/lightening effect is doubled and the coat becomes predominantly white. Double merles also have a very high chance of being deaf, blind, or both because they lack pigment where it would normally be.

Winnie Sue

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  • Weight

    38 lbs

  • Age:

    10 Months

  • Breed:

    Australian Shepherd

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