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Two young women were helping out with two separate rescues when they crossed paths trying to help a dog for one another. They quickly became close friends. After they agreed that they each had a conflict of interest with the rescue they were helping they decided to work together to start their very own rescue and that was the day NTASR was born. While the president has amazing experience in the breed, the vice president has great experience in animal welfare administration so together they made the perfect pair. NTASR helps Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, and mixes of the two. They are open to working with other working or herding dogs as well depending on the circumstances. Don't think for a second these two women won't jump to help a dog in emergent need. Thus far, several other breeds have made their way through the rescue because of their kind and caring hearts including a doodle, a dachshund, a frenchie, and a shar pei. NTASR takes behavioral and medical dogs and gets them the appropriate rehab to be able to find them the perfect forever home. Aussies are such special breeds and deserve very particular and experienced homes.

Meet the two women...


Samantha is our die hard aussie lover. She grew up with aussies and has 4 herself. Did you know we take dogs with bite history? Thats all because of Samantha! Her favorite dogs are ones with behavioral problems that need some rehab. She loves putting blood, sweat, and tears (literally) into these dogs to give them a second chance. She is the one you will see awake all hours of the night, driving hundreds of miles to rescue a baby up for euthanasia, and clearing out the last few inches left in her house to make room for a dog in need. She eat, sleeps, and breathes our dogs and puts them before anyone else in her life. Samantha takes so much pride in being the President of NTASR and we are so proud to have her be the leader of our team!



Elizabeth is Samanthas right...and left...hand! She only got involved in the rescue world a few years ago but has jumped into the deep end and has yet to come up for air! Her expertise is everything in the background including the website, social media, and applications! She is the sucker for any short nosed dog and is often the reason you will see frenchies and bostons in the rescue. Elizabeth puts so much of her time and effort into making sure these dogs have a bright future. Outside of her full time job you can catch her doing home visits, processing applications, keeping track of vet visits, and ensuring the fosters have everything they need. Elizabeth is quick to start talking about the rescue with anyone she meets. We are so lucky to have her as our Vice President representing NTASR!



NTASR works to save lives. We have a thorough rescue, rehabilitation and foster care process prior to adopting out our Aussies to their permanent homes.


We save Aussies from various situations and fates. We work hard to save them all. Whether it be from a case of abuse or neglect, a high risk animal shelter, or an owner surrender, they all need a second chance, and we are here to give that to them through our Aussie loving foster network. Our fosters provide the temporary homes prior to adoption.


The Aussies we take in may have many number of issues that need addressing by our fosters, vets and trainers. We see Aussies come in with physical ailments from accidents or tragically, abuse, as well as illness, behavioral concerns, and special needs. We are committed to rehabilitating each dog we bring in to our care.


We work to stop overpopulation. Spaying and Neutering your pet is the responsible thing to do for the pet's longevity and safety. Our Aussies come Spayed and Neutered prior to adoption to ensure ethical pet ownership for their entire lifetime.


This is our favorite and most rewarding step in all we do: finding our Aussies' their forever homes. We are a selective rescue, doing all we can to match the right owner with the right dog for their family and lifestyle. We work to find forever, permanent homes for our Aussies so they can live happily and loved by their new family. 

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