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 So you're from outside the state of Texas? No problem!
We love our out of state adopters and are more than happy for you to adopt one of our pups! 


What are the requirements to adopt from out of state? 

We are EXTRA picky about our out of state adopters to ensure that there is slim to no chance the dog will have to endure another transport to be returned to rescue for any reason. Our requirements are fairly similar to those of our in state adopters. You must pass a background check as well as provide a good personal reference and vet reference. We also require home checks that are done virtually! Landlord checks will be done when they are applicable. Adoption fee's are required to be paid prior to the dog leaving our care. 


How does transport work if I am out of state?

There are a few options here! Our main preference is of course, you coming to Texas to meet your future fur baby! If the pup is under 25 lbs, you are welcome to fly here and fly your pup back in cabin. We absolutely will not tolerate a dog being flown in cargo. That option is off the table for us to ensure the dogs safety! If the dog is over 25 lbs we would love for you to drive here and pick them up and drive home. Make a trip out of it! There are so many fun things to do in Texas and our state is very dog friendly!! We do have a transport organization that we absolutely love and trust. The fee is a $100 donation per dog because they schedule about 5 to 6 weeks out and that then takes up a foster spot for that additional time while we wait for transport. Also keep in mind, the sooner you are able to take your pup, the higher your chances are of being matched to one of our available dogs. 


But I'm out of the country, can I still adopt?

Unfortunately right now we cannot adopt outside of the USA. That might change sometime in the future but for now we are strictly a United States rescue!


Still have questions about adopting out of state?
Use our "Ask Hadley" feature in the bottom right corner of our website!

Help us fill our map! Check out all the states we have already adopted dogs to!!

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