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Name of the dog you are interested in fostering:

Or, would you like to be matched with one of our dogs needing a foster home?

Primary Applicant

Secondary Applicant

Household Information

Do you own or rent?
Do you have permission from your landlord?
Do you plan to move soon?
Do you live in a/an:
Does your property have a fence?
Does your landlord or HOA have a number of animals restriction?
Does your landlord or HOA have a breed restriction?

Veterinarian Information

Vet recommendations and records for other pets are required and are non-negotiable. If you have no living pets, please provide the information of the vet you used up until your last pets' passing. 

May we contact your vet?
Are all of your pets spayed/neutered?
Are all your pets current on heartworm prevention?

Employment Information

Are you part time, full time, or as needed

Home Information

Is anyone in the household allergic to pets?
Do you have any other dogs in your household?
Are your current dogs dog friendly?
Do you have any indoor cats?
Have they been around dogs?
Will the foster dog be around any other animals on your property (horses, bunnies, pigs, chickens etc):
Do you have frequent visitors in and out of the home?
Do you have a pool?
Is there a fence around the pool?
Have you ever had parvovirus in your home?
Do you have a doggy door?
Do you have any foster experience?
Are you familiar with crate training?
Do you understand that a crate trained dog is not guaranteed?
Are you familiar with house breaking/ potty training?
Do you understand that a house broken dog is not guaranteed?
Are you familiar with leash training?
Do you understand that a leash broken dog is not guaranteed?
Will you allow a home visit as part of the application process?
Do you understand that NTASR only covers the cost of the vetting for the dog and not supplies such as crate, bed, food etc?

If supplies are available we are happy to offer them to you if needed but do not expect them to be provided. 

A lot of rescue dogs have a past with abuse and neglect. Do you understand that your foster dog will need decompression time and may not be comfortable right off the bat?
Please select all circumstances you are WILLING to foster:
Do you prefer a male or female foster, or does it not matter?

Please provide a personal reference. Someone who is able to speak about who you are as a person and as a pet owner. This cannot be a family member.

I understand that:

Help Us Get To Know You:

All Applications and information provided in them will be verified by our team and a volunteer will be in touch soon!


All NTASR dogs in foster homes are in the custody of NTASR. If for any reason the foster is not working out you must contact a board member immediately. Charges will be pressed if rehomed, abandoned, dropped off at a shelter, or kept without consent. 


Fosters get priority over adopting their foster dog. Fosters will get to review adoption applications and voice their opinion on the best fit for the foster dog to the board.

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