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  • Do you adopt out of state?
    We do adopt out of state. We require the out of state adopter to come meet the dog and spend time with it prior to arranging transport. We screen out of state adopters a little heavier to ensure they will be the best home and there is no chance the dog will need to return on transport. There are many transport options available and the cost depends on the distance and age/size of the dog. The adopter is responsible for arranging transport but we are here with many suggestions!
  • What are the requirements to be a foster?
    To be a foster, you must be within 1 hour of the DFW metroplex, all your current animals must be fixed and up to date on vaccinations, and you must be financially able to provide your own supplies. Fosters are required to bring their foster dog to all vet appointments so reliable transportation is a must. Visit our foster tab to fill out an application today.
  • What are the requirements to adopt?
    To adopt you need to be 23 years or older, pass a background check, vet reference, and personal reference. We will also do a landlord check where applicable. All your current pets must be fixed, vaccinated, and up to date on hw prevention. You must be financially able to take over the vet care and supply care of the dog. We will complete a home check as the final step. To apply to adopt, check out our available dogs.
  • Are the dogs vetted before they go to their adoptive home?
    Ideally yes, however if you are local to DFW we offer for the adopter to foster-to-adopt while we get the vetting completed.
  • Where do the dogs in your program come from?
    Our dogs are pulled from shelters or taken in as owner surrenders.
  • Do you take mixes?
    We do take in aussie or border collie mixes. Please send us an email about the dog in question and we will be able to clarify further.
  • Do you have a public facility where I can come see the dogs?
    We are strictly foster based and do not have a public facility. In order to meet any of the dogs in our program you need an approved application on file.
  • Where are you located?
    We are based out of DFW Texas but have fosters throughout North Texas.
  • What is your adoption fee and what does it cover?
    Our adoption fee's vary based on the age of the dog. Our adoption fee covers spay/neuter, microchip, fecal, hw test, and all age appropriate vaccinations. Dogs under 1 year are $450. Dogs 1 year to 5 years are $375. Dogs 6 years to 8 years are $325. Dogs 8 years plus are $300.
  • Do you offer a military, veteran, or first responder discount?
    We do! Many of our board members come from military or first responder families or are military or first responders themselves. We know what these families go through and are incredibly appreciative of their hard work, dedication, and selfless acts. We offer a 15% discount on all adoptions with valid military, veteran, or first responder ID. You, as the adopter, will need to bring it to our attention that you are military, veteran, or first responder at the time of the adoption in order to get the discount.
  • What food do you feed the dogs in your program?
    We suggest Fromm. Certain dogs will get certain foods such as seniors, puppys, dogs needing weight control, or dogs with allergies. Talk to your vet to determine the best brand and type of food your dog needs.
  • How can I donate?
    We are so happy you want to support our rescue! There are a couple ways to donate. You can add us to your amazon smile, under North Texas Australian Shepherd Rescue. We also have an amazon wish list! If you would like to make a monetary donation, our venmo is @ntxaussie and our paypal is
  • What is an aussie in disguise?
    Wonderful question! By now you know that our president and vice president have a hard time saying "no". Our VP is a sucker for a short nosed dog and some of our fosters can never turn down a little dog in need. Aussie's in disguise are all the dogs that come through our program that are not actually aussies. You'll see corgi's, dachshunds, boston terriers, french bulldogs, saint bernards, doodles, yorkies, pittys, and more!! They are just as loving and just as deserving of a forever home!
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