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Albert is known as "Mr. Personality" at his foster home.  Albert loves spending his days playing with the resident Rough Collie and his sister, Victoria. Both Albert and Victoria came from a puppy mill breeder from Oklahoma and lived in horrible conditions until rescue came in and saved the day. Albert is now living the good life, sleeping on comfy beds, eating homemade dog biscuits, and cuddling with his foster mom. Albert is very affectionate and loves being with "his person." One thing to note, Albert gravitates towards women. He is not fond of men. His ideal forever home would be one with a woman or pair of women. He runs and hides from his foster dad, despite his best efforts to win Albert over with homemade peanut butter and apple dog biscuits. Foster dad is the resident baker, but Albert will only take treats from the hand of his foster mom whom he adores. 


Albert may appear shy and reserved at first but he will warm up very quickly, and once he does, he will not leave your side. Albert is making good strides in housetraining and leash training. He rides well in the car and gets along with other dogs. He loves belly rubs, chew toys, and snuggles from his sister Victoria. If you are looking for a loyal, and loving companion, look no further. 


  • Good With Dogs:


  • Special Needs:


  • Breed:

    Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  • Good With Cats:


  • Weight:

    18 lbs

  • Good With Kids:


  • Age:

    1 years

  • Gender:

    Neutered Male 

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