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Butters comes to us as an owner surrender. He is a big mushy goof ball. He has massive paws that maybe one day he'll grow into. Butters has floppy ears and we really dont know if they will ever stand up but they make him all the cuter! He loves toys and WATER, this baby is a water bug and loves his baby pool in the back yard. He is working on potty training and so far is sleeping in bed with his foster momma at night. Butters loves to play with other dogs and will really need another active pup to keep him entertained and also be a good role model. He’s pretty mischievous right now getting into things he shouldn’t. We are working on basic manners. He is vaccinated, microchip, and neutered. He is finishing some meds for Giardia right now and then can start a home trial!!


  • Breed:

    French Bulldog

  • Gender:


  • Age:

    3 Months

  • Weight:

    10 lbs

  • Good With Dogs:


  • Good With Kids:


  • Good With Cats:


  • Special Needs:

    Short nose breed experience required.

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