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Introducing Hawkeye, the courageous pup hailing from the legendary Avengers litter! Alongside his devoted mom and siblings, Hawkeye was rescued from a challenging situation earlier this year, whether it be a hoarding situation or a puppy mill, setting the stage for his heroic journey. Born mid-December 2023, this 4-month-old sweetheart captures hearts with his timid yet cuddly nature and mesmerizing caramel eyes.


While he may be working on mastering the intricacies of potty training, leash manners, and recall, Hawkeye approaches each lesson with determination and a heart full of promise.


Social and affectionate, Hawkeye is a natural at making friends with other dogs, cats, and kids alike – his playful spirit knows no bounds! Belly scratches are his ultimate weakness, and he's a pro at enjoying car rides, making him the perfect companion for any adventure. 🚙 


Are you ready to invite Hawkeye, the valiant Avenger, into your home, where he can embark on new adventures and bask in the love and affection he truly deserves? Adopt Hawkeye today and become part of his heroic journey! 🐾❤️


  • Age

    4 months

  • Good with cats


  • Good with kids


  • Good with dogs


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