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Hog’s previous family had children who decided on the name Hog and the name definitely fits. Hog was surrendered after being attacked by a German Shepherd to which the trauma caused his ear hematomas that wasn’t able to be cared for. Hog today is healing from the hematoma removal and will always require normal ear cleanings like all frenchies. When Hog was also surrendered, his foster parents found that he was infested with fleas and suffered hair loss around his bottom that has been slowly growing back. But with all this trauma, Hog is the biggest, sweetest attention hog who loves his people. Hog’s foster parents have quickly found that he does not enjoy time in the crate and even if in another room with the door shut, you will find him pacing and barking for your attention. Because Hog thinks he deserves to be the center of attention, he will sometimes start arguments with his foster friends that he ultimately doesn’t win. Hog would do best in a home where either he is the star of the show or if there are only submissive females. Hog is a huge snuggle bug whose floppy ears makes him even more adorable. Like most frenchies, Hog does get warm rather quickly and needs a family who will understand the brachiocephalic breed. Because Hog is very vocal in the crate, an apartment would not be the best fit for him. If you want a loving, sweet boy who deserves all the attention in the world, Hog is your boy!


  • Good With Dogs:


  • Breed:

    French Bulldog

  • Good With Kids:


  • Special Needs:


  • Good With Cats:


  • Weight:

    35 lbs

  • Gender:


  • Age:

    3 years

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