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Meet Lois! 


If a low-maintenance sweetheart is what your home needs, I’m your girl! I’m a female red tri Miniature Australian Shepherd around 1.5 years old and 25lbs of lovable couch potato. My foster mom says the cute little freckles around my nose are where the angels kissed me because I’m such a sweet girl. 


You’ve heard of the stereotypical high-energy Aussies, but I am a very calm and laidback gal! My hobbies include smiling, napping, butt wiggling, getting belly rubs, and my favorite: snuggling on the couch with my foster family for some love and attention! 


I love to play with my foster sister (a fellow mini Aussie) and I share toys, water bowls, blankies, and couch cuddles really well! I’m always well mannered and will walk on a leash patiently with you. When you get ready to go somewhere, I’m the first one to “load up” in the truck all by myself! I eat and (sometimes) sleep in my kennel, and I’m potty trained. While I can often be found napping around the house during the day, I prefer to sleep in the bedroom on a pallet at night. I jumped on the bed one time without permission, but when the humans told me “off” I got right down and haven’t jumped on it again. I’m a very smart girl and an incredibly quick learner! 


Since I’ve been such a sweet angel, I’ve been trusted to roam free when my foster family leaves and I’ve always behaved myself! I don’t dig in the trash or chew stuff up when I’m not supposed to. If I get chew toys like pig ears, deer antlers, or meaty knuckles before they leave the house, I barely even notice they’re gone and I’m often in the same spot when they return!


I was one of the mama’s with puppies that came in the hoarding group of 30 Aussies rescued earlier this year, so my 1.5 years of life haven’t been very good until these last few months. I tend to be skittish of new people, but I’m thriving with my outgoing foster sister who is helping me develop trust, confidence, and showing me how fun it is to be part of a loving family! I let the spare humans (a man and teenage boy) pet me, but mostly I’m attached to my foster mom. I usually let our neighbors and their young girls pet me, but occasionally they move too fast and spook me a bit. I just hide behind my foster mom to calm down with some pets and kind words. In a few minutes I’m back to my happy, smiley self ready to try again! 


I’ve been spayed, microchipped, and am up to date on all my vaccinations and heart worm medication, so I’m ready to find my forever home! Despite having a rough start in life, I’m full of potential and have so much life left in me with so much love left to give. If you have a spot on your couch for me, apply today!


  • Good With Dogs:


  • Breed:

    Australian Shepherd

  • Good With Cats:


  • Weight:

    25 lbs

  • Good With Kids:


  • Age:

    1.5 years

  • Gender:


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