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Meet Moki, the resilient senior pup (12) who is now thriving after a rough start to life. If you remember our Facebook post from early January 2024, this sweet darling was part of that group of 40 dogs taken in. This sweet girl loves nothing more than cuddling up with anyone - dogs, humans, or even just herself.


Despite her age, Moki is full of playful energy and has been caught playing with our dogs in her silly moods. She gets along great with babies, kids, and other dogs, but isn't too interested in toys - she just wants love and attention. Moki will let you know when she's hungry or wants to come inside, and she loves wearing dog shirts to stay warm. Her skin conditions are improving, and her hair is growing back beautifully.


Potty training and socialization are still a work in progress, but with patience and love, Moki will blossom into the perfect companion. She enjoys car rides, treats, bones, and, of course, her food.


If you're ready to give Moki the forever home she deserves, you won't regret it - this little girl has so much love to give.


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    Female spayed 

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