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Otis Mac

Otis comes to us as an owner surrender. He’s a total meatball of a frenchie. Otis was diagnosed with hemivertebrea, which is a common back issue in frenchies. He currently has no clinical signs but it’s very likely he will develop symptoms as he gets older. With proper diet, exercise, and supplements, he can remain walking on all fours and playing like a normal pup!! He is not incontinent and is doing well with potty training. He has a little bit of a wobble but it’s likely because he’s pretty tubby. Otis will need frequent spine checks and probably annual or biannual x rays to check for any disc degeneration in his back. The further his adopter gets ahead of this problem, the more likely he is to remain symptom free. Otis cries in his kennel but it’s because he’s still a puppy and still learning. He loves to play and nibble and has such an expressive personality. He will need a home with other smallish dogs ideally under 40 lbs. Any rough housing with big dogs can lead to further injury of his back. He’s great with cats and would be fine with kids who understand that his back needs to be protected so gentle hands and gentle cuddles only. Otis is not currently in any pain or discomfort. He is a rolly polly who will constantly have you laughing. He’s a great eater. He’s fully vaccinated and his adopter will be contracted to bring him to our vet clinic for his neuter. We hope his forever home has gated off steps and assistance getting up on furniture. He is the happiest frenchie puppy and all the vet clinic staff were just swooning over him. Please consider the additional cost of care for this puppy on top of him being a frenchie before applying to adopt. We will be very selective about his forever home. Do you have what it takes to let this little boy into your life?! Apply now! He won’t last long!

Otis Mac

  • Good With Dogs:


  • Breed:

    French Bulldog

  • Good With Kids:


  • Gender:


  • Good With Cats:


  • Age:

    4 months

  • Weight:

    10 lbs

  • Special Needs: