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Bandit Jones

Bandit Jones comes to us with his two other brothers. Bandit was so matted when he came in that against our wishes he had to be completely shaved. We know his luscious locks will grow in in no time! He is a total scaredy cat and will need an owner who will be patient and loving every step of the way. He is great with other dogs but spooks easily with sudden movements or loud noises. Another calm adult dog to show him the ropes and help him gain confidence would be awesome. Bandit is fine in the kennel. He is doggy door trained as well. He is still a puppy underneath all that fear so he can steal shoes and maybe chew things he shouldn’t. He is a very loving dog and is showing more confidence every day!

Bandit Jones

  • Breed:

    Australian Shepherd

  • Gender:


  • Age:

    8 Months

  • Weight:

    45 lbs

  • Good With Dogs:


  • Good With Kids:


  • Good With Cats:


  • Special Needs:


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