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Introducing Rocket! 🚀


This fluffy bundle of joy, was rescued from a challenging hoarding situation earlier this year, setting him on the path to a brighter future. At just 4 months old, born in mid-December 2023, Rocket embodies the epitome of adorable with his fluffy coat and boundless energy – a true teddy bear in every sense! 🧸 


Rocket, part of the famed Avengers litter, is a superhero in training, bravely defending his domain from even his own shadow! While he's still mastering the art of potty training, leash manners, and recall, Rocket's enthusiasm for learning knows no bounds.


Rocket is a social butterfly who adores the company of other dogs, cats, and kids alike – he's always up for a playdate! His heart melts at the promise of belly scratches, and he's an absolute pro when it comes to enjoying car rides, making him the perfect adventure companion. 🚙 


Are you ready to welcome Rocket into your home, where he can shower you with love, laughter, and endless cuddles? Rocket today and watch as he rockets into your heart with his irresistible charm! 🐾❤️


  • Gender:


  • Age:

    4 months

  • Breed:

    Australian Shepherd

  • Good with kids


  • Good with cats


  • Good with dogs


  • Weight

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